Sunday, June 10, 2007

Almost a year

That's it: this blog was dead for almost a year and is time to do some catch up, if I still have any reader. But anyway this is more for me than for you and I can also practice my English (as you can see need a lot of improvements).

Nevertheless here comes some things that I'm very excited about:

- CDT 4.0 RC3 for Eclipse 3.3
- Fedora 7

First why is CDT to be excited about, because it has a refactoring tool that actually works. Ok it is just a renaming tool, so what? That means that they are really into keeping track of your code, including documentation. So I believe that they are bringing all those cool refactoring tools, like move, in no time. Then a C/C++ programmer can have all those nice things about Java IDE in a C/C++ free IDE.

And what about Fedora 7, there is nothing REALLY new on it. Well, first they are free from the RH packaging tools, which means that hopefully there will be some Fedora "the way I wanted" 7. But here some critics about Fedora: they should be more careful about the RPMs, which have broken dependencies, like VLC. We are talking about VLC, which is a major end-user application. The new version has also some stability issues, specially xorg. But the new xorg is kicking asses!!! If you don't saw it, please DO.

The new xorg is already with the 3D Desktop concept in it. They must polish some rough edges, like maximizing, but it looks good, very good. It is a mixture of OSX (with that very nice + behaviour) with 3D Desktop environment. But has I said, it needs some refinement, maybe on the next major upgrade.

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