Tuesday, May 20, 2008

[updated] Time Machine on Linux

If wonder about the Time Machine from MacOS X and wanted it, you can make your own using rsync but if you want something more fancier (like I do) with a GUI you should try FlyBack (if it does not work try this) which is a nicely made Python program (or should I say script) that includes all your needs for a decent backup (using, of course, rsync). Try it, it worth.

By the way I already tried other solutions like:

Unison (painfully slow)
Grsync (hard to configure, exclude list is not possible)
fwbackups (very slow)
KBackup (very slow)

And my own TAR based backup script, which I was using until I tried flyback. It is really a great backup solution for the average desktop backup needs.

By the way, the first backup is a little time consuming (for my 16GB it took about an hour or so), but the following backups are very efficient (it takes no longer then 5 minutes).

P.S.: I'm using LUKS in my partitions.

I just used a full recovery from my system (I migrated my /home to LUKS and it worked just perfect, like nothing happened).

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