Saturday, November 05, 2005

Baby steps on kernel patching

Ok it is not really baby steps but here we go:

1. Install the corresponding kernel source, from Fedora RPM, like (I will try to remember to put the URL on every new patch description):

2. I assume that you that your kernel source structure will be at: /usr/src/redhat

3. Go to SOURCES and add the files, if you do not trust my scripts

4. Go to SPECS and modify by had the spec file, if you do not trust my patches

5. Apply, or once again do by your own, the patches on the [.config] files

6. Return to SPECS and clean your kernel: rpmbuild --clean

8. Make sure you have enougth disk space (like 2GB) free

7. Generate your kernel: rpmbuild -ba --target=i686

8. Make a coffee or a "chimarrao" because it will take a lot of time

9. Install your new kernel

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