Saturday, November 05, 2005

My OS - 2005.11.05

Ok that the hard one. Please avoid flame. I use a Fedora Core 3 with my own Fedora patched kernel.

Fedora Core 3
Fedora Core 4 (actual one)
Kernel: last one with my patches (can be one or two days later)
glib / glibc: last updated version (can be one or two days later)
Graphical Interface: Gnome
Shell: Bash

Q: Why do you use Fedora?
A: Because I like it (please do not try to convince me to use Debian or Slackware, I just do not want to)
P.S.: Just for the record, I already tryed: FreeBSD, Slackware, Debian and SuSE. Non of them was, on my opinion, as good and easy as RedHat and later Fedora.

Q: What you mean with "my patches"?
A: That's one of the aims of this blog: how do I patched my kernel and why.

Q: Why Gnome?
A: Once again: I just like it :-)
P.S.: Once again just for the record, I once was a WindowMaker fan, after that Enlightment (was really good at the time I used to use it), then changed to KDE and then to Gnone (that I use now).

Q: Have you ever tryed to the "MyMix", that is XYZ?
A: I'm already old enougth to do not spend to much time in front of a computer to try things that I really do not need. I'm like see myself like an old dog: it is really hard to learn new tricks if I still get my "bone" at the end of the day.

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