Monday, December 26, 2005

My patches to kernel 2.6.14-1.1653_FC4

My patches to kernel 2.6.14-1.1653_FC4

I apologise for my last post where I say that was everything alright, I was wrong.

That is a patch to allow:
DMA Support to Southbridge SiS 965 with driver SiS 5513.
NTFS Read support.
Make SiS190 Ethernet controller, [sis190], part of kernel, instead of a module.
Make SATASiS, [sata_sis], part of kernel, instead of a module.

Supported (tested) kernels:

Apply all patches that I published, and apply to that situation.

SiS 5513, try 3

1. Get and install the kernel source that applies:

2. Create the patch files mentioned on the remarks.

3. Create the script to change the defaults values on kernel configuration, called [/usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/]:

# Please note that this script do NOT check if the [.config] was already patched
find /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/ -name "*.config" -print | while read FILE
mv ${FILE} ${FILE}.orig
cat ${FILE}.orig | sed -e "s/\(CONFIG_SCSI=\)./\1y/" -e "s/\(CONFIG_SCSI_SATA_SIS=\).*/\1y/" -e "s/\(CONFIG_SIS190=\)./\1y/" -e "s/\(CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SIS5513=\)./\1y/" -e "s/# CONFIG_NTFS_FS is not set/CONFIG_NTFS_FS=m\n# CONFIG_NTFS_DEBUG is not set\n# CONFIG_NTFS_RW is not set\n/" > ${FILE}

4. Create the kernel spec patch, called [/usr/src/redhat/SPEC/kernel-2.6.spec.]:

--- kernel-2.6.spec.orig 2005-12-26 09:04:38.000000000 +0100
+++ kernel-2.6.spec 2005-12-26 09:08:49.000000000 +0100
@@ -19,7 +19,8 @@ Summary: The Linux kernel (the core of t
%define sublevel 14
%define kversion 2.6.%{sublevel}
%define rpmversion 2.6.%{sublevel}
-%define rhbsys %([ -r /etc/beehive-root -o -n "%{?__beehive_build}" ] && echo || echo .`whoami`)
+#%define rhbsys %([ -r /etc/beehive-root -o -n "%{?__beehive_build}" ] && echo || echo .`whoami`)
+%define rhbsys sis
%define release %(R="$Revision: 1.1653 $"; RR="${R##: }"; echo ${RR%%?})_FC4%{rhbsys}
%define signmodules 0
%define make_target bzImage
@@ -352,6 +353,8 @@ Patch1771: linux-2.6-sata-promise-pata-p
Patch1780: linux-2.6-net-bonding-feature-consolidation.patch
Patch1781: linux-2.6-net-bridge-feature-consolidation.patch
Patch1782: linux-2.6-selinux-mls-compat.patch
+Patch1783: linux-2.6-pci_ids.patch
+Patch1784: linux-2.6-sis5513.patch

# ACPI patches.
@@ -813,6 +816,9 @@ cd linux-%{kversion}
%patch1780 -p1
%patch1781 -p1
%patch1782 -p1
+# Fix DMA on SiS965 southbridge with SiS5513 driver
+%patch1783 -p1
+%patch1784 -p1

# ACPI patches.
# Enable EC burst

5. Execute the script to change kernel defaults:

cd /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/
sh ./

6. Apply the kernel spec patch:

cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/
patch -p1 kernel-2.6.spec.

7. Build the rpms:

rpmbuild -bb --target=i686 kernel-2.6.spec

Please always address to my hardware, os and kernel patching general procedures before posting a question.

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